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When your start looking for wedding venues for your wedding day, be that the wedding ceremony or wedding reception, the best place to start, is to think about the location.


Wedding tradition tends to favour the bride’s hometown, but if that doesn’t suit either the bride or the groom then you should opt for neurtal territory - why not consider a favourite holiday location for your wedding venue or perhaps even the town where you first met or he or she proposed. Start with the big picture, narrowing down the location by state, region (perhaps it’s country wedding your want or a beach wedding venue you are seeking), city, and finally venue. You should  take into account who’s paying for the venue and where they would like  to have the wedding. Consider also the wedding guests who may actually come if you wedding is in a far off location.  Is the wedding venue easily accessible for your wedding guests, is it easy to park and find taxis so your wedding guests can transport themselves to and from the wedding venues or do you need to organise guest transport to take them to and from the wedding ceremony venue to the wedding reception venue


If you have plenty of wedding venues in your local area finding a venue that suits your wedding theme will be easy even if you are looking for a rustic wedding venue or a more luxurious wedding venue for more formal weddings.  If you have limited wedding venues in your local area then you may need to look to different locations and plan a destination wedding. There are plenty of beautiful destinations locally in Australia around the world to consider if you are happy to travel further afield to find the best wedding venue for your special day.


Remember that the perfect venue should also serve the perfect food.  Once you book, most wedding venues should invite the bride and groom (and whoever is paying for your wedding reception) to try the food and taste a sample of what will be served on the wedding night. This should also be the time where you are invited by the venue to taste the wines and champagne that will be served at the reception.


If you want to hold your wedding at an award winning restaurant or venue, you may be competing with their busiest day of the week, so if food is your thing and your venue of choice is a restaurant then you should consider getting married on a week night, such as Monday Tuesday or Wednesday, most award winning venues will be happy to take you bookings on week nights.


When visiting your short list of venues consider a few points that may make or break the wedding day.


Is there room for speeches, dancing and a DJ, band or ensemble. Do the venues provide your wedding guests with at least two or three choices for entrée, main and dessert, or just the one.  Is your wedding venue a blank space that needs to be filled with decorations and furniture or is the wedding venue beautifully decorated and all you need to do is arrive with your wedding guests.


Wedding venues usually come with coordinators who can help plan than just your wedding reception.  Some wedding venues are all-inclusive and their wedding packages include the wedding cake, the DJ and the table decorations. Most wedding venues offer food and beverages and some will let you bring your own wine or toasting champagne.


City venues and 5 star hotels offer beautiful ballrooms that are great for large formal weddings.  Some clubs, including yacht clubs and golf clubs make great wedding venues as the function rooms take advantage of the water views or garden views.  Country estates and vineyards have gorgeous grounds and plenty of room for marquee weddings, these venues usually have barns or large rooms that allow for 100 - 150 guests, smaller estates and restaurants are better if you are looking for venues for smaller weddings.


Most wedding venues offer packages for shorter cocktail weddings particularly if you have too many guests on your guest list for a full sit down reception. Cocktail wedding venues usually offer packages that are less costly than a full three course wedding feast, overall there are few decorations needed to decorate the venue for a cocktail wedding reception and are therefore considered more affordable. There are many weddings with beautiful grounds to host gorgeous garden cocktail weddings. Just make sure if you are booking an outdoor wedding venue always have an indoor wedding venue you can turn to if the heavens open up.





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